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If you have an injury, an X-ray can help your provider confirm your diagnosis. The team of board-certified physicians and clinical staff at Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch in Austin, Texas, offers convenient, in-office X-rays to diagnose various injuries and medical conditions. Call Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch, or make an appointment online for quality health care and affordable prices.

X-Rays Q & A

What are X-rays?  

X-rays are quick, painless digital imaging studies that create pictures of your bones and other internal structures. An X-ray machine sends a small amount of radiation through your body. The energy that passes through your body creates the image of the inside of your body. 

Different types of tissue absorb varying amounts of the energy. For example, dense tissue, like bone, absorbs most of the energy, which is why they look white on the image. However, soft tissue like fat or muscles absorb less energy and appear grey in the picture. Your lungs, which are full of air, allow the X-ray waves to pass through and are black on your image. 

Why would I need X-rays?

The team at Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch uses X-rays to diagnose a variety of medical issues. For example, if you have a sports injury, the team can order an X-ray to see if you have a fracture or a sprain. You might also need an X-ray to check for injuries following an automobile accident.

Your provider might order an X-ray if you have chronic joint pain. They can see if you have arthritis or if another condition is the root cause of your pain.

X-rays also provide information that can help identify lung infections, blocked blood vessels, digestive tract problems, and swallowed items. 

What happens during an X-ray?

During an X-ray, you stand, lie, or rest a body part like your arm or leg in front of an X-ray machine. Your provider might provide a lead apron to cover the parts of your body that they don’t need to examine. 

Your provider leaves the room for just a moment, and you stay as still as possible while they take the X-ray. Each image only takes a few seconds. 

After your provider takes the X-rays, they examine the images for details that help them diagnose your condition. 

Are X-rays safe?

X-rays are incredibly safe. Although the equipment does use a small amount of radiation to create the images of your internal structures, the amount is so minute that it doesn’t cause any lasting effects. 

Doctors have been using X-rays for diagnostic purposes since 1896, and there is no evidence that X-rays are harmful. Additionally, technological advances have minimized the amount of radiation needed. 

If you’re looking for convenient medical care, including X-rays, call Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch, or make an appointment online today.