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Care Savings Plan: Is It Right For Your Family?


You may or may not  have heard of the Care Savings Plan, but in either case, you should know the benefits. Why? Because you could be missing out on real savings that your family can really use, and for Cedar Park and Avery Ranch families, every dollar counts. When you really dig into the savings you and your family have available through the plan, signing up for the Care Savings Plan could be a no-brainer.  

First, let’s look at some of the savings you get: 

  • $68 Office Visit*
  • 20% Discount on Labs, X-Rays & Procedures
  • $20 Flu Shots (20% Discount!)
  • Enrollment Fee of Only $18/mo or $216/year
  • You and your entire family receive ALL these discounts for as long as you’re actively enrolled!
  • PLUS you get 10-60% discount at participating pharmacies, vision and hearing providers, and dental offices
  • Application Fee is only $10 (one-time fee)

The Care Savings Plan can save you and your family a considerable amount off of the regular office visit. The fact that you get that reduced $68 ON YOUR FIRST VISIT, how do you not sign up for this? The Care Savings Plan was created mostly for individuals and families without insurance, and we want you to take advantage of it.  

One thing to keep in mind is that the Care Savings Plan is NOT insurance. It is a plan that is put together to give you savings, but is absolutely not health insurance. These differences are important, because you do need to secure health insurance for your family for a whole host of reasons. Because health insurance covers such a wide range of maladies, and because it applies to your health care across many health care services (hospitals, treatment facilities, etc…), it’s a must. 

There is no long term contract with the Care Savings Plan; this is a month to month plan, allowing you to opt out of it at any time.

Check out the Care Savings Plan for your family today. You’ll be glad you did.

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