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Round Rock Urgent Care Clinics Provide Quality Care at a Low Cost

Urgent care clinics in Austin help your family not only by providing quality care, but also by providing care that won’t break your bank. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between your body or your pocketbook suffering. Instead, you should have options for getting better fast in a cost-effective manner. You might be wondering just how we’re able to provide high quality care but still keep our costs lower than an emergency room. Let’s take a look at what our urgent care clinic in Austin does have, and what we don’t have that keeps our costs down.

First, we have two great physicians on staff, who are both Board Certified in Family Practice. A common misconception of urgent care clinics in Austin and Round Rock is that they only staff nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants. At our urgent care clinic, this is definitely not the case. Another common misconception is that urgent care clinics can’t write prescriptions. Our physicians are happy to write prescriptions for the medication you’ll need to feel better fast. The only major difference between our urgent care clinic and a large hospital with an ER is that we don’t have a pharmacy on site. This definitely helps reduce our operating costs, and leaves you with the option to pick any pharmacy you prefer.

We are also able to keep costs low because we don’t admit patients. Therefore, we don’t have the overhead expenses of big hospitals like cafeterias, gift shops, or recovery rooms designed with a long stay in mind. Generally, if you’re going to be admitted to a hospital, that’s one of the rare circumstances in which you should head to an ER, not an urgent care clinic. For example, if you’re experiencing chest pain, abdominal pain or headache, a seizure, uncontrolled bleeding, difficulty speaking or sudden blurred vision, you should head to an emergency room immediately.

Our urgent care clinic in Austin has eight private evaluation areas, X-Ray and a laboratory, ensuring that we’re well equipped to deal with a variety of minor injury and illnesses. Our laboratory can conduct a number of tests, including blood count, influenza, mono, pregnancy, rapid strep, and urinalysis. By providing the essential services and equipment that you need to treat a minor injury or illness effectively, we can continue to keep costs low. You deserve a health care option that helps your family by treating you with quality care in a cost-effective manner, and we hope to provide that to you!

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