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What's the Real Value of a Urgent Care Clinic? 3 Thoughts

February 6, 2012

When you think of providing health care for your family, you might not think first of a urgent care clinic.  Should you?  What is that urgent care clinics in Austin provide that you should consider?  Here’s another question: should you think about the closest urgent care facility when considering where to move?  That’s one we’ll talk about in this post, among others.

First, let’s talk about what a urgent care clinic brings to your family.  The urgent care clinic of today, especially in Austin, is in many ways the new face of the general practice clinic of days past.  Equipped to handle the scrapes and pains of day to day life in the typical Austin family, they give you a valuable resource close by so that you don’t have to suffer through a Emergency Room visit for, say, a broken arm.  Time convenience is a big deal.

Second, experience with families.  This might surprise you to be listed as a benefit, but think about it: do you really think of your last emergency room visit as a good example of family friendly?  It’s not that it’s intentional, but simply an example of triage: the life-threatening cases get the majority of the attention, and the niceties get pushed to last.  Urgent care facilities in Austin give you both that expertise and specialization dealing with families, while also having the bandwidth to apply it.

Now, let’s talk about proximity.  With Austin spreading more every year,  major medical facilities can sometimes be very far away from a desired neighborhood.  If you or your family member has a broken bone or dehydration, you want a facility close by instead of having to drive half an hour.  Urgent care clinics in Austin give you that.

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